Version 2.4 – ART Filter Support

The 2.4 release contains:

  • Support for changing ART filter (Professional Pack Only)
  • Changes to improve camera compatibility*
  • Fix for issue with control displays being cleared on re-connection to Camera
  • Fix encoding error with some cameras
  • Try alternative port for Live View if first is unavailable
  • Improved camera communications (previously released as incremental patches)

* In particular the SH-2 after an issue was raised.

One thought on “Version 2.4 – ART Filter Support”

  1. The initial 2.4 release had an issue with ART Filters not working on the E-M10. This has been fixed and the update is now available from the Store.

    Thanks to some feedback I can also confirm that version 2.4 now works with SH-2 models.

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