Version 2.5 – Timer and Custom Timer Support

The 2.5 release contains:

  • Support for using the Timer and Custom Timer modes
  • New setting to control the timer delay

Change the shooting mode in the top right corner to use the timer mode.
In timer mode the app will wait a while after the shutter is pressed before the photo is taken. You can change the delay in the settings page. The camera’s red focusing beam will start to flash shortly before the photo is taken.

Custom timer mode will take multiple shots as defined in your camera’s settings.

Version 2.4 – ART Filter Support

The 2.4 release contains:

  • Support for changing ART filter (Professional Pack Only)
  • Changes to improve camera compatibility*
  • Fix for issue with control displays being cleared on re-connection to Camera
  • Fix encoding error with some cameras
  • Try alternative port for Live View if first is unavailable
  • Improved camera communications (previously released as incremental patches)

* In particular the SH-2 after an issue was raised.

Professional Pack Now Available

The Professional Pack is now available from both the Windows and Windows Phone Stores.

The Professional Pack is an optional extra that gives you live control of the camera’s mode, common settings, and the ability to use higher Live View resolutions.

To check your camera supports the features offered by the Professional Pack, connect your camera and go to the Camera Information page within the Camera Remote application.

The same upgrade is valid for both the Windows and Windows Phone versions.

New Release – Live Control

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally made some time to put together a new release for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.

You can now touch anywhere in the Live View image in order to focus on that point.

Based on user requests, you can now easily save the review image to your phone and laptop for subsequent editing and sharing.

I’ve also added a Professional Pack option that allows you to control the camera settings live from your phone and laptop.  For cameras that support it, this allows you to adjust exposure, shutter speed, aperture and ISO from within the application.

Happy Snapping!

NOTE: There is currently an issue with getting the Windows Phone version of the Professional Pack.  I have raised the issue with Microsoft and hope to have a resolution soon.


First Release!

Camera Remote is now available in the Windows Store!

Version 1 has remote trigger functionality, so requires you to set up your camera ready for the photo before enabling Wi-Fi on the camera.  Once Wi-Fi is enabled, connect the app and take the picture remotely!

It has been tested with the OM-D E-M1 model, but should also work with Wi-Fi enabled cameras from the PEN and STYLUS range.  So please let me know how you get on.

Download from Windows Store



Welcome 🙂

So the upcoming release of Camera Remote has remote trigger functionality. This requires you to set up your camera ready for the photo before enabling Wi-Fi on the camera. Once Wi-Fi is enabled, connect the app and take the picture remotely.

Future Features
If there is enough interest then there is a plan to add Live View, Autofocus and Camera Mode selection. If there are any features that you particularly want, here’s the place to let me know.

Information about the Camera Remote application for Windows