Setup the Camera

If you don’t have the Professional Pack then setup the camera with the settings you want before connecting. The application will let you switch to Auto mode, for use general shooting scenarios.

Professional Pack allows users to change settings on the fly, allowing greater control and flexibility.

Turn on Camera Wi-Fi (Private Connection)

Enable Wi-Fi on the camera using the Private Connection mode.  The camera screen should show the network name and password on the screen (along with the quick connect barcode).

Connect Windows device to camera Wi-Fi network

Go to your Windows device, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the network with the name and password displayed on the camera.  e.g.  Name: E-M1-P-AAA111111 Password: 12345678

Make sure you allow “Find devices and content“, otherwise the application will not be able to receive the Live View stream.

Run the Camera Remote application

If you haven’t already done so, start up the Camera Remote application.  The Wi-Fi icon in the top right shows the current connection state:

  • Grey means that no Wi-Fi network has been connected to.
  • If the radio part is lit up then there is a Wi-Fi network, but the camera has not responded.
  • When the camera part of the icon has lit up then the camera has responded and you’re ready to take a photo

Preview the picture with Live View

The camera is now connected and you’re ready to go. Turn on Live View to get a preview of the camera’s picture and perfect your framing.  Tap to focus anywhere in the frame.

Change the camera settings

With the Professional Pack installed you can change the camera mode and set the aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO while connected.

Take the photo!

Click the Shutter button to take a photo!

Note that if the camera can’t focus on anything then it won’t be able to take a photo.

Review The Image

You can review the last picture by clicking the icon showing the image in the top left.  Once you a reviewing the image you can save a copy to your laptop or phone.

Note that the copy saved is the review JPG, at the moment saving the raw file is not supported, however this will be stored on your camera as normal if the option is turned on.

Note:  These instructions are based on the OM-D EM-1.

Information about the Camera Remote application for Windows