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13 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. I would love to be able to transfer the pictures from my Olympus camera to my Windows Asus tablet. Will that feature be available in the future?

    1. Hi Reid,

      It’s on the list, but this hasn’t been high priority as you can transfer the pictures afterwards using a USB cable. I’m not sure the Olympus interface lets you get the raw files either. It would be nice to have a full wireless shoot, review and management solution though. I’ve recently started on the next release, and adding a save option for the review jpg should be fairly easy (but not as good quality as any raw file). Thanks for the feedback.


      1. Hi Reid,

        Just to let you know that the latest version includes the ability to download the last photo taken to your Windows device.

        Hope that helps!


  2. Unfortunately I can’t buy the pro pack. “Purchase can’t be verivied. Please try again later.” And “Product can’t be found in catalogue.”

    1. Hi Rafael, sorry about that and thank you for notifying me in the review (assuming it was you!).

      Microsoft is currently migrating people to a new release process as part of the Windows 10 launch, and this appears to be an issue affecting a few apps that have migrated already- including the Camera Remote application. At the moment it looks like the Windows Store upgrade is available, but the Windows Phone version isn’t. I have raised a support request with Microsoft, but they are closed over the weekend. I hope to get a resolution to the issue early this week.

      Thanks again for the feedback, and I’ll keep you posted.


    1. Hi Jason, it’s definitely something I’d like to do. The main issue is I don’t have any lenses that support it at the moment, and the functionality differs a little between compacts and interchangeable models. When I get the time I’ll try to put together a beta version for people to try.

  3. I am curious if the Camera Remote Professional Pack will allow for the full control of the white balance settings providing the options documented in the SDK for OPCs? If not what white balance options (if any) are available in the APP?


    1. Hi Bruce,

      The app doesn’t use the SDK for OPC, as far as I’m aware the SDK only supports the AIR A01. As regards to white-balance control this isn’t currently available from the app.



  4. With the phone having GPS built in, please add support for location tracking like the official app for android. This way the geotagging would not require a seperate app to create a gpx file and some way to merge the meta data on the computer.

  5. Any chance at updating this so it supports EM1.2?

    Also, maybe a shot list features, just a simple table where you can put in exposure settings like Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, WB, maybe a delay until next shot in the list, so it would be like an intervalometer, but you could have independent intervals between shots.

    If not, maybe you could open source the project? Then others could add in the features?

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