Documentation out of date/broken link?

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Steven Staff asked 2 years ago

Hello, I’ve just installed Camera Remote + Pro upgrade on a Windows 10 PC.
Initially the Live View wasn’t working. You have a suggestion on the kime website:
‘Make sure you allow “Find devices and content“, otherwise the application will not be able to receive the Live View stream.’
1/ It would be nice to make this really visible in the UI – at the time that I needed this information my computer was not connected to the internet (it was connected to my camera!)
2/ I think that the setting name has changed in Windows 10 from “Find devices and content” because I couldn’t find that in settings. 
3/ The hyperlink in your instructions for that setting seems stale: takes me to a generic “Welcome to Windows 10” type of page from my Windows 10 PC.
Unfortunately I’m not completely sure how I fixed my problem. My connection to the camera was initially a “Public” connection – after flipping a few settings in the “Advanced Sharing Settings” of control panel it became a private connection and the live view started working.
In particular I clicked a button labelled “Turn on Media Streaming”, but I don’t know if media streaming by itself is important.

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MattAdmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks Steven, I’ve updated the link to an alternative site and also updated the instructions for Windows 10.

Information about the Camera Remote application for Windows