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Is my camera supported?

Please ensure your camera firmware is up to date (generally 2.X or later. 2.5 is currently the latest for the OM-D series).

The following cameras have been reported as working:

  • OM-D EM-1
  • OM-D EM-10
  • OM-D EM-5 Mark II
  • PEN EP-5
  • PEN E-PL7
  • Stylus 1
  • Stylus SH-2
  • Stylus Tough TG-4
  • Stylus Tough TG-3
  • Stylus Tough TG-860

Camera doesn’t connect

  1. Check that the Wi-Fi on the camera is in Private mode. This is a setting on the camera which determines how the camera Wi-Fi connection works.
  2. If you are connecting from a laptop, please try unplugging any network cable before connecting the Wi-Fi. The camera IP address is fixed ( and there may be a clash.

Still no luck connecting? You can e-mail me at Please include the camera model and firmware version, and the Device Id from the About page (hit the ? symbol, and then copy the value).

No Live View

If you are not receiving any picture after starting Live View, and the application says “Waiting for Live View feed…” then this probably means that the Wi-Fi connection to the camera in Windows is set to be a public one, and that the “Find devices and content“ / “Make this device discoverable” option needs to be turned on.

Clicking the Wi-Fi Camera icon at the top right of the main application screen is a shortcut to the Wi-Fi settings.

Some information on how to change this setting in Windows 8.1 can be found here

For Windows 10, when connected to the camera Wi-Fi go to the Wi-Fi network settings page and click on the camera Wi-Fi connection. The “Make this device discoverable” option should be turned on. Please also check that the network connection to the camera is set as “Private” and not “Public” in the Network and Sharing Centre.

Make this PC Discoverable

If this still doesn’t work, check the firewall settings allow the Camera Remote application through the firewall. See the “Allow an app to receive info through the firewall” section here and screenshot below.

2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting”

  1. Hi,

    Live view dos not work on mij Windows 10 pc and my Olympus OM-D EM-10 camera. The application says “Waiting for Live View feed…” I have turnoff the firewall and the “Find devices and content“ option is turned on. I update my camera with the latest firmware version from 1.1 to 1.2.


    1. Hi John,

      Sorry for the delayed reply, I missed this over the New Year. It’s worth checking that the Wi-Fi connection is seen as a “Private” one in Windows. If it’s “Public” then the network communications of the app is blocked even with “Find devices and content” turned on.

      Kind Regards,


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